Tuesday, April 3, 2012

[Event + Interview] Filth @ Play, Inverness

Making my opinion clear to those who don't want to hear it is one of my favourite things to do, so it makes me sad to see how long it has been since I last made a post on here. But since then there has been a lot of change, a lot of posts and a lot of music. And for once I am actually happy. So happy that I'm not even writing on here to tell you how god awful the music scene is here (which I have never done but according to certain subjects I seem to have grown magical writing fingers that want to piss all over the reputation I have spent my entire teenage years building). Anyhoooo!

There is something happening this week. Something so revolutionary it has turned the word underground on it head. The once commercially obsessed Love2Love has opened its doors to something worth listening to!

Anyone who is anyone in the electronic scene here has heard of Filth, if you haven't your about to. Its a night ran by two well respected ladicals by the names of Ross Lyall and Andrew McGibbon. A night that has brought some of the biggest names in filthy house and electro to the Highlands and introduced the likes of myself, Boomshank, Alan Grant as well as many other locals to the scene. Their nights are pretty ancient as far as aging goes, Ross himself is turning eighty three next year (I kid!) but somehow they manage to withhold an untouched reputation for some of the best nights this place has ever seen, and they don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

There latest night see's them convert the reputation of now renamed 'Play' nightclub. I was really keen to speak to the guys about their intentions for this, mainly because the recent club switches have been 'talk of the town'. So I frisbeed a few questions their way and like true sportsman they threw back some answers.

For those who have never been before could you sum up a night of Filth in a couple of words? 

Music and Friends

How did Filth come together? Was it ‘Love’ (had to get that one in there) at first sight?

We knew each other for years before we started Filth. We were both DJing regularly in Motion nightclub a few years back and were at a bit of a loss when it finally closed down. It was a spur of the moment decision to start a club night. If I remember right, I sent a text to Ross one day saying “we should start a night ourselves.” That was the first we had ever spoken about the idea. We had no venue and no name, but once we got that sorted things just grew from there... and it seems to have turned out pretty well so far!

So you have made the move from a large ‘box office capacity’ venue to a somewhat smaller sized club with what is known to be a very popular walk in crowd. Was this a hard decision?

Yes and no. We had a great few years in the Ironworks and have a lot to thank them (especially Steve) for. The sound and lighting guys there are excellent so you never have any worries with the equipment (and the soundsystem in there is amazing!). However, we felt it was time for a change as we missed playing in smaller venues where you are closer to the crowd. 
We have a feeling that Play might be a hidden gem when it comes to a club night. It’s designed as a nightclub so should suit a club night pretty well you would think! It has a good capacity, good sized dancefloor, accessible bars (with drinks promotions), DJ booth close to the crowd, etc. etc..
Have we made the right choice? We just do this for the love of it, so if we can play some tunes and enjoy ourselves while other like-minded people join us for the party, then it works for us!

For the opening night you have talented local DJ/Producer Alan Grant as guest DJ, will local DJ’s be a permanent feature for these nights at Play?

We’re really looking forward to having Alan DJ with us in Play. We have more of an opportunity now to do our own thing... so one of the first things we wanted to do was get more local DJs playing at our nights. So yes, you will see this happening more often!

Some huge names have played Filth before (Audio Bullys, Alex Metric, Erol Alkan, Jaymo & Andy George, Dave Spoon) should we expect to see names like these again?

It’s great to play alongside these big name guests that we’ve had (thanks to the Ironworks) at Filth in the past. We hope to do something like that again soon but at the moment we’re concentrating on doing some of the nights we always set out to do back at the start. Keep the costs down so the door price is cheap and play the music the crowds love to hear.
Of course it’s nice to have something big now and again and that’s something that we have been talking about. A few ideas are being thrown about but it’s early days yet! 

You have said on your flyers ‘expect electro house and techno all night long’. Does that mean you won’t be taking any requests for some Jason Derulo or Rhianna?

If someone asks for a tune at the right time that would work into the set we are playing, then you never know. There might be a bit of a wait to hear an opportunity to mix it up wth a bit of Justin Bieber though!

With the closure of Cake late last year and this new open ‘underground’ attitude within the commercial clubs, do you think the Inverness electronic dance scene has moved forward?

I think it’s always moving forward. Venues come and go as do club nights but when one disappears or takes a break from the scene there always seems to be something or someone else to take the place. 
What is really good to see now is the amount of success we are seeing from local producers. Lots of Radio airplay, gigs and support from the big names. Polymath, Them and Us, Count clockwork and The LED to name but a few! That is definitely a forward step!

So does this mean you and Andrew will be drinking Blue Wkd’s from now on? Maybe get a spray tan and post more hash tags? 

Blue WKD? Unlikely... Spray Tanned? Maybe after a couple of Blue WKDs... #theonlywayisfilth

What’s ahead for Filth this year, any festivals or more club nights?

We’re delighted to be back at Rockness again this year! We’re playing on the Sunday night but don’t have much more info on that yet. 
Club nights? Watch this space! We don’t have a masterplan at the moment but after an amazing Filth night at the Picture House in Dingwall a couple of weeks ago, we’ll definitely be back there. We may be venturing outside Inverness elsewhere too if we can and if all goes well we’ll be allowed back to “Play” too!

So there you have the wise words of the Filth lads! If your in Inverness this friday make sure you go, and anyone from too far north do not be disapointage! We have our JNS night in Thurso this Friday where we will be bringing the filthiness also. Have a good one folks!

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