Wednesday, April 4, 2012

[Article] That's enough of 'Levels' already!

I'm going to tell a little story. A true story that I think sums up our musical culture today.
I was walking across Glasgow's city centre on my way to see my gorgeous 'blog reading aware' girlfriend last month who lives in the opposite part of Glasgow (the posh part). It was a Friday night. Off course it was, it wouldn't be a friday night if I wasn't spending it treading across town with my headphones in hating the world that I was unwillingly pushed into. So halfway there I'm walking down Sauchiehall Street, if you don't know Glasgow this is not the place to be sober on a weekend. I've got my headphones on full blast, a simple technique  adapted with a 'look the opposite way' stare that is bullet proof for fending off scroungers and loud drunks. 

Then, like a beautiful array of sunshine I hear this sound, and it makes me stop. I pull out out my plugs and turn around to search for it and on the other side of the road there is this busker. 

He had just started to strum on his guitar then he whales out 'No Woman No Cry' almost heavenly. I was immediately fixated with overwhelming feeling off happiness and warmth, his voice was as near as you can get to the Marley man, something which I have found to be almost impossible with buskers these days.

 In this small time that I was exposed to the pure heaven of hearing that song sung perfectly I had begun to think about the world I had been blessed with, I thought about loving music again, I even thought about handing over my useless change. Then like a terrible plane crash I was brought back to earth by the screeching of two 'drunk waste of space probably art students or working in Next to save up for what will be a pointless life in the depths of your sadness when you realise your degree was a waste of time and that your parents wish you never born' singing this: 'WHOOOOOAAA SOMETIMESSSS I GET THE FEEELING ARRRRRGH!!! DAH DAH DAH DA DA DA DA''.

If you can't tell, this was suicidal sound of a immature 18/19 year old girl with her camp boyfriend skipping arm in arm trying to screech their own rendition of the extremely overplayed Avicii's 'Levels'. 

The feeling of happiness I had shortly allowed into my head was now replaced with extreme hatred and an urge to murder both of these lightweight mindless creatures. Whats worse, the busker stopped put down his guitar and sat down as if to say whats the point. I pushed my headphones back into my ears harder than I ever have before and just carried on walking.

If you had been there you would have felt the loss in faith for this generation as much as I had.

What gets to me about nowadays is not the terrible music that makes its way into the charts, in fact when I first heard Levels I thought it was great, I played a couple of times then I moved on to finding something better. Whats gets to me is how long a song drags on these days! Levels believe it or not has been around since summer last year. I remember listening to it when I moved to Glasgow in August. So why is it still being talked about like its something that came along last week? Ok, 'No Women No Cry' has been around a lot longer but come on.

Whats more, the remixes are still coming in! Who are these people who still want to hear those four chords repeated over and over again with that one basic vocal line? WHO ARE YOU! Whoever you are stop it. There is a whole world out there available at your finger tips with songs about a million times better waiting to be played. 

Anyway, I heard this awesome new remix today. I think its really great and it has this really catchy line in it that makes me want to go out an stuff. I should post it about a million times on Facebook and sing it down others throats but I thought I would just humorously post it under my rant.

Download Avicii Levels (RebelRebel Remix)

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