Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A dose of the Alternative #2

Sorry for the long break there guys, just finished my move to Glasgow in my new flat which is not a absolute shit hole so this year is off to a good start already. So I just a few updates for you guys on some awesome music! First though, guess what I did today?..... No it wasn’t that it was that I bought my first ever copy of mixmag! In a day and age where producers are requiring are trying to draw on skills from every genre in the music industry it made sense for me to polish up on my electro scene knowledge, who knows... I might even take to the decks some day but less of me, here's the music!

First of all, The new “Circa Survive” album is out and it is sounding phenomenal of these neo-progressive masters (yeah I don't like using specific genres names either). I have followed them since their “Juturna” album which was released way back in 2005 and it is so refreshing to see these guys rise to the popularity they hold now whilst still keeping their true Circa sound for all these years. Their music defiantly grows on you as it first did on me so I highly recommend you give them some time to listen to their stuff!

Next up is “Exit Ten”'s EP Sunset, I really love this bands epic feel and Ryan Redman's singing style is defiantly unique and really gives their music a awesome edge. Their Previous albums “Remember the Day” and “Give me Infinity” are testament to these guys and a indicator of great things to come so check it out out if you like Balls out epic rock!

A little more close to home on this one, a band I have been a big fan of and have featured before is “Friday Night Lights” who have just released their brand new (not so brand new at the time of writing this because I have had my balls firmly and aggressively against the walls dealing with the increasingly amount of feudalistic activities our capitalist culture promotes) EP which is a phenomenal collection of music that for only being priced £4 there should be no reason for you not follow this link here to get your copy now! These Guys from Wick show that awesome music can be found anywhere. Below you'll find the song "The Only Nightmare I Ever Have, Is Waking Up Without What I Once Had"

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