Thursday, December 13, 2012

Soundclash Live Sessions: The launch

A few months back we covered parts of the Soundclash DJ showcase on Monster FM. It was a complete success with chat on facebook and twitter trending throughout its four week term. This got a lot of people talking and most importantly showed that you lot can be interested in what talent our local scene has to offer!

So when it finished we we're left waiting on a follow up. Not to be disappointed Soundclash and Karma Lounge have got together to bring us something better. The Soundclash Live Sessions.
To explain, anyone that's into their electronic music will have heard of the Boiler Room. If you haven't you may be forgiven, but its basically an online live (visual and audio) stream with the worlds best underground DJ's playing all sorts of heavy electronic music to a room loosely filled with almost relaxed looking listeners (mouthful!). Well this is based on the same idea, but you'd be mistaken for thinking this is just a smaller scale Boiler Room. I know personally that those involved have put a huge amount of thought and work into this project and the outcome will no doubt be even bigger than that of the showcase!

The Soundclash Live Session will mostly focus on showcasing the work of local DJ and producer talent, blending footage between mixes, promotions and interviews with varying hosts each week starting January 4th and continuing every Friday from there on 7pm-9pm. Ally from Soundclash says:

''SoundClash Sessions will have its own website so you can watch the live streamed shows, chat on the forum and we`re even gonna have our own phone app so you can watch the shows while your on the move''.

Already gaining support from the biggest names in the Highlands, a launch has been put together with a line up of epic proportions. This inlcudes Polymath, Robbie Dunsmore, Alan Macpherson, Soundclash DJ's, Safehouse, Boomshank Redemption, Mark Mackenzie, Alottarythm, Mastershake, Stereo Crookz, Alan Grant, Andy Stone and Stephanie Lewicki. You'd be mad not to tune into that!

Make sure you keep in the loop and do the following things
- Like the page
- Attend the event
- Spread the word!

We'll make sure to keep our posts up to date and be back with further information on how to watch the live sessions. Until then get yourself ready for the launch!

Heres our JNS DJ Mr Boomshank with his Monster FM mix.

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