Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Serving Up Some Justice #11

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I promised we'd get back to posting some music since we are after all supposed to be a electronic music blog! I'm genuinely sorry if we have brought disappointment with the lack of posts but we've been really busy lately, you may already know we've been out and about setting up club nights with last weekends 'Festival Party' at Nova proving a success we can't wait until the next one. Make sure you get your tickets early for RITON + Them & Us, Polymath and Boomshank Redmemption at Ironworks. You can even purchase them from one of us!

So as you can imagine its the summer (is it fuck!) and the JNS inbox has been filled to the brim with fresh music (has it fuck!) so I've haven't had much trouble putting together this incredible list of new fresh tunage (have I fuck!).

I've also decided I'm going to add a brand new feature to the blog, its something I have been wanting to do for a while now. I call it 'Behind The Cloud' - its a compilation of Artists I feel have not been noticed anywhere near as much as they should be on Soundcloud, amongst them producers, songwriters and singers.

To start though I would like to run through my top tracks of the week -

Shun & Hoshina Anniversary - Evidence (Polymath Remix) 

Local producer Polymath always kills it with his unique style of blended acid techno house funk .. fuck knows what you put it under and frankly I don't care, thats the beauty of it! This remix is just pure brilliant, got to love those gentle pitch bends against the grittiness of that bass.

Esbjerg & Ray Vose - All Is Swell (Count Clockwork Re-Fix)

First of all, it makes me really proud to see scottish artists work together. I heard the original of this at Sonar FM a while back when I was on with Esbjerg, can still remember my face when it kicked in and he told me it was his! And the Count Clockwork re-fix surprised me a lot also, really brings some extra dirt to the mix and makes it a guaranteed banger for any techno DJ. For some reason Louis has taken it down today, instead we have the original below, so All is Swell now... see what I did there?

WAFA - Abandon Me (Crookers Remix)

Oooooooh how I miss the old crookers! There was a day where every single one of their tracks would have me shivering with excitement and then they got boring. But now there back! Its like the crookers took this track and jizzed awesome all over it, honestly can't stop listening to it. The changes are awesome, the sounds are awesome, the vocals are awesome, its like someone caught all the rainbows in the world, stirred them into a soup and fed it to my ears! Its like crack for DJ's.

Combostar ft Mani Hoffman - Free (Louis La Roche Remix)

Everyone needs to kickback and listen to some Louis La Roche at some point, he just does it right. He's really one of the only disco-y house artists I can take seriously. This is a prime example of a feel good tune with some electronic soul, love it!

Reset! - Don't Let The System (LKiD Remix)

Been following LKiD for almost a year now and here never seems to disappoint. Before I listened to this I knew I was in for a treat, take the super turbo funky pace of reset and mix that with the boppy house sounds from LKiD and you get this. Really fun mix!


New post 'Behind The Cloud' will start this week!

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