Thursday, July 5, 2012

Justice Never Sleeps Festival Party @ Nova

Its been a hard summer so far. Catching the sun has proved harder than getting English commentators to avoid using 1966 references in a non English international - infact the only sun your getting comes with a cringy headline and a pair of tits. And those sunny festies you had waited for all year turned out to be a wash of pishy pop line ups and mud up to your knees. So Justice Never Sleeps forgives you for sitting on your arse watching Wimbledon in the hope that this serve might be the one that lifts her skirt up just high enough to give you that final push thus bringing an end to the countless amount of hours you've spent fapping while flipping back and forth between top gear - yes... we know.

But once again Justice Never Sleeps has come up with a solution and saved your summer festival experience! We've taken all those things you love about festivals and put them indoors! Nova to be precise. No more rain, no more pishy pop line up - instead the only rain you have to worry about are sprinklers and even then we've thrown in some ponchos for safe measure - and instead of having to listen to some 'throw your hands in the air' and 'turn it up in da club' cliche pop songs you get the JNS DJ's Boomshank Redemption, Mark Mackenzie, Retrend and Connor Byrne who will be bringing you the traditional trademark curve balls and fill of techno, electro house and jazzmatazz. I made the last one up but you'l hear some new shit.

What festival themed club night would be complete without such fuckery as tents, gazebos, glow sticks, face painting and even a god damn popcorn machine! To add we've been in the JNS lab knocking up some tasty visuals to accompany our fine selection of music'z and bought some T-shirts for some of you to customize with shiny shiny's!

To make this night even more worth your buck, we've been sponsored by the Creative Skate store who will be supplying us with some Sutsu goodies to hand out as prizes with a raffle ticket as part of your entrance fee.

How do I pay to join this madness?! Unlike the festivals you don't have to put out hundreds to live like a tramp and piss against a fence under the watchful eyes of badly employed security men. No, for all of this you pay £2 (before 11pm) or £4 there after. You also won't have to wait in long cues to be rewarded with over priced warm beer.

So put on your wellies, zip up your onesies and join us this Saturday for what will be an legen... wait for it... dary night! 

Remember to tune in to our weekly radio show on Sonar FM - Every Friday 12pm - 2pm with Justice Never Sleeps DJ and presenter Martin Dunbar. You can tune in where ever you are online

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