Sunday, March 4, 2012

[Event] Ruckus at Nova

Ruckus at NOVA
Saturday 10th of March
Doors 10pm - 3am
Entry Fee £3
Electro, Techno, House

Ruckus, the newest night to hit Inverness, will be bringing a metric fuckton of tunage to Bar Nova next weekend. It's always great to see something new and positive on the scene and Ruckus is a refreshing splash of bass on what has been a pretty much stagnant underground scene since the closing of cake nightclub.

In their first gig, the boys pulled off a feat equivalent to bending the laws of the universe; they got me to go into Studio 25! (Studio 25, now re-branded as Vinyl, under normal circumstances is a commercial music playing snake pit that I had once sworn NEVER to go in). It was the first time Studio had let non-chart music into their midst, and it turned out to be a incredible night. We now have the boys from Filth about to play a night in the club upstairs, Love2love (another place I took a vow with, now re-branded as Digital). It's really encouraging to see venues like this finally realising that they can be more varied and cater for a broader audience. Be sure to catch the Filth night preview coming to the blog soon.

The relatively new venue Bar Nova is a place I have not been to yet, but I have been to the venue when in was under a different name and I can say that it definitely has the potential for a good rave. Not too small and not too big, perfect for a good sound system and Ruckus's exclusive lighting rig. Under its last moniker, Mambos, it was yet another naff cheesy pop pub, so yet again it's good to see another venue turning the corner and doing something positive.

Music for the night will be supplied by djs Matt Lyon, Findlay Hart and Lucas Manning who will be bringing you all all the best from electro, techno and house. Only £3 entry fee and open till 3am, nothing in the town comes close to it this weekend. This is a gig not to be missed, GO TO IT!

Check out the facebook page here
or the official Ruckus website here

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