Friday, February 3, 2012

[Fresh Beef] Meet Boomshank Redemtion - JNS's New Blogger

From now on, things are going to be very different around here... Well, maybe not. I've just spilt some beer on my keyboard and typing the rest of this might prove difficult if my keys start to derp.

Anyway... Hello, I am the Boomshank Redemption, how'd ya do? I'm a techno splooge DJ from a weird Scottish village/Tescos shop called Inverness - population 1663.92 including 24 goats and 73 sheep. Inverness is geographically located somewhere between the North Pole and Sweden. We've just managed to get this thing called internet (hence how I'm able to write this) and things are finally starting to progress. Here is a picture of me playing teckno musics in a nightklub:

I am absolutely delighted to be writing for Justice Never Sleeps. Over the last few years up here, there has been a huge sex explosion in the live music scene mostly thanks to things like the Rockness and Belladrum Festivals, as well as places like the Ironworks venue in Inverness with their power to bring in huge names that 10 years ago would have been unthinkable (Last weekend I supported Fake Blood there for fucks sake!). Last year we had the nightclub Cake, which was the first underground club the town had seen in a long time, and although it has now closed, the contribution it has made to the dance scene here is incredible. Somehow though, I feel the dance scene is not quite represented online as much as it could. Sure, there are some great sites for live bands, but nothing is really represents us reprobate technophiles.

That's where JNS steps in. By writing here I hope make JNS  a reference point to everything that is going off in the Inverness dance scene, as well as presenting some slick mixes and the biggest splurge that is going off in the dance scene.

So where better to start than with a mighty brofist to Soundclash who will be kicking off their BAsS SiCK tour, Saturday the 4th of February, at a favourite venue of mine, The Bothy (above Hoots, Inverness). The BAsS SiCK tour is looking to be a metric fuckton of fun, Soundclash have always been a huge source of inspiration to me way before I even touched a pair of decks.

Gigs in the bothy are something else, I love the place. It's nice, small and has the intimacy of Josef Frizl's basement, although without the fear of incestuous anal rape (just watch out when I'm about eh). It's going to be crazy and I'm looking forward to seeing the 4 deck mash up set. Absolute must for this weekend.

Check out the facebook event page here

So folks, that's it from me for now but I can't wait to get my teeth into this properly and establish myself within the blog. Any DJs/ Promoters, if you want you gig mentioned get in touch as I would love to hear from you.

I'm off to get drunk now, as it my good pal Polymaths birthday today. Shit gonna get real.

Boomshank out.

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