Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[Event] Dave Clarke at the Ironworks

Ironworks Inverness, Saturday 3rd of March
Tickets £10,
Doors 10.30pm

This weekend sees "The Baron of Techno" Dave Clarke return to the highlands for another night of fist pump madness. Last time he was at the ironworks, Dave said it was one of the best sound systems he has ever played on. I can see why - the set up at the ironworks complements this style of music perfectly. Techno like this deserves no less.

Supporting will be Alan MacPherson and Michael Blyth. Excellent choices of support acts in our opinion. MacPherson who runs Audiolife, is one of the most accomplished and experienced techno DJs in the city. Blyth is a superb techno producer who doesn't play nearly as many gigs as he should do. Both of them are completely mental however, so avoid making eye contact.

for more info and tickets visit Ironworks website here: http://www.ironworksvenue.com/event.php?eid=251

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