Monday, February 4, 2013

Serving Up Some Justice #13

Now that's got your attention read the post.

Hey there, if your new to this go back and look at the other S.U.S.J posts because I haven't got the patience to explain what happens here again... and I need to pee but I just got comfy plus this laptop is a bugger to put down in this room, ever since it was given a womanly makeover there's no desk space just pointless expensive lamps and bowls. Then again the lamps have come in handy ever since my dad decided it would be a fun idea to install coloured L.E.D lights into the main light sockets. Blue off course being the most prominent of them which makes me feel like I'm sleeping in a severely drug abused Co Op toilet or the end of a Guy Ritchie movie. Anywhore I have a few issues, one being I share too many personal thoughts as the previous exchange will suggest and the other being I don't make enough posts with musical content. I'm prepared to change one of those, I'll give you a clue.. it's the second one.

So here comes the part where I tell you what I've been listening to and why you should too.

As a lot of house/vibes artists have begun to open to the masses and commercialize themselves its been a sort of cross your fingers and hope for the best situation every time you take a listen to somebodies latest track. My opinion is as long as the content is true to the artist then I'm happy to open my ears to it, who cares if everyone is listening to the same thing. If a few commercial house tracks is what it takes to enlighten some Flo Rida fans to world of hard working musicians and producers then so be it. With that in mind..

Brand new Karma Kid. I haven't managed to catch the name of the female vocalist in this but it's perfect. It's this brilliant combination that makes this track accessible to both those who have learnt to love Karma Kids elegant chimes and drums and those who might have vagina's.

Cannot like this dude anymore! Nemi Alexi a.k.a Ghetto Tronic a.k.a STARS is one of the most consistent producers I know, he's been underated or a long time and it's good to see his STARS project is starting to pick up some much needed attention from the likes of Radio 1 DJ Mista Jam. This remix is a testament to his variation in production styles.

Someone to keep a very close eye on is Second City. First got to them when they were low on follows, but with a couple of Radio 1 plays and YouTube features they've managed to step up their social presence. I don't think it will be long before the name blows up.

The Mord is back. I thought I'd be disappointed but I wasn't. You can hate electro all you want but you can't dislike a Mord melody in a cheery tune like this. The vocal cuts are just phenomenal.

Polymath just has it. No messing, thrashing acid plucking lectro licking housey swirling madness like this just doesn't go a miss. Canufeelit ... yes Polymath we can.

Really want this track. Such a killer to play live. The 'ghost' sound and the bleeps get me everytime!

Here's something from Lucky Cub a.k.a Louis Buick ex Count Clockwork. Meaty remix of that catchy number from the guy that acts and sings and raps and shit. Make sure you catch his debut live performance at our live electronic night on the 23rd of February.

Was going to post another Stimming track when I came across this remix from Gramatik which I wasn't aware of until now! I love 'Funkworm' and I've been known to play Gramatik tracks on repeat so to hear this was a nice treat.

Really liking Slap In The Bass lately, they've become a regular occurance in my sets.

Keeping up the energy heres something bouncey from Mele.

Before you leave, make sure if you live in Scotland you make a trip along to our Live Electronic Night on the 23rd. We've got live sets from some of the best artists in the land including We See Aliens, Lucky Cub, Esbjerg and Dounreay Beach Party.

Ok.. you can leave now.

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