Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[Event] Simian Mobile Disco @ Ironworks

Almost everyone has heard of Simian Mobile Disco, unless your deaf or unconscious then you have no excuse, in fact even if your unconscious theres probably a little voice in your head doing it's best low tone impression of 'audacity of HUUGE!'. SMD (as there more easily pronounced) is made up of two funny looking chaps called Jas Shaw and James Ford, members of the band 'Simian' best known for creating the infectious 'Never Be Alone' more popularly known as 'We Are Your Friends' which if you haven't lost a lung singing it drunk with your mates before, then your probably doing it wrong.

Jas (right) rustling James's Jimmies
So how do I describe their sound? Well as far as having a hard on for analogue equipment goes these guys have sploodged their load into some mind tingling tracks at the cost of a banjo string or two (not referring to the musical instrument).

 'But enough cock innuendos Mark, where can I see them and what can I expect?'

Well where else but Ironworks, starts at 10:30pm ends 3:00am and at £15 + booking price a ticket you'd be mad not to buy one! Seriously, everyone I have spoke to that has seen them before says they were amazing and anyone that hasn't says they're going. If thats not enough check them out on the cover of Mixmag this month!

SMD looking terrifyingly sexy!

To add to night 'The L.E.D' and 'Them & Us' both play support slots completing a line up fully made of happy production couples, no 'promance' jokes please. You can check out the L.E.D here and check out my production duo Them & Us here.

[Cool Story] When I told my mum I was in the line up to support these legends she came out with 'but I thought you said you don't call them discos anymore?' bless you mum.

I leave you with something huge and something new. See you all there!

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