Saturday, March 12, 2011


I remember when Dubstep was hard to come by and and people like Oris, MJ Cole and Kode 9 made laidback dark bass heavy tracks that didnt resonate the shit out your ears. It was 'underground' and i like 'underground'. Skip to the year 2011 and you can't flick through channels without seeing Britney Spears grinding her flaccid retched body to some ''dubstep'' breakdown.  Also its become the job of morons to remix every popular phrase or youtube clip into some wobble frenzy freak show of a song. As you can probably tell I jumped off the dub wagon a while ago but i'm prepared to give it one more chance as I've found its like alcohol. If you save it for once every so often your senses remain intact and you enjoy the experience, if you have it every day you will become a junkie and end up sucking off homeless guys for money. or something like that. Anyway heres some cool shit!
Terravita - Freak Out (Original Mix).mp3
Mark Instinct - The Don (Original Mix).mp3
Bassnectar and Datsik - YES (Original Mix).mp3

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